Precision Rifle Jacket Products

Hines Tactical Precision Jackets are known for their amazing consistency. Custom bullet makers use Hines Tactical Precision Jackets for unparalleled performance.

Other bullet jacket and bullet manufacturers claim that they make bullet jackets that measure .0003" or less variation in wall thickness. We claim it, too. But, wall thickness is but one of many critical dimensions that need to be controlled -- and we do control -- for flawless performance. (We also focus on a bunch of critical features: wall thickness, concentricity, run out, taper, and trim . . . and many more, but we don't want to bore you.)

Only Hines Tactical meets these stringent requirements with every bullet in every lot. We don't claim to have a bunch of inspection steps. "Inspecting in" quality is an admission of a process out-of-control.

Rifle Jackets

Diameter Length
22 Caliber (FMJ)  
.224 0.580*
.224 0.650*
22 Caliber (JHP)  
.224  0.705
.224  0.930
6 mm  
 .243  0.790
 .243 0.820
 .243 1.050
 .243 1.135
 .243 1.150
 .243 1.200
6.5 mm  
 .264  1.325
7 mm  
.284 1.200
.284 1.340
.284 1.440
30 Caliber  
.308 0.925
.308 1.000
.308 1.150
.308 1.200
.308 1.300
.308 1.400

 * For full metal jacket projectiles

Precision, Consistently

How do we achieve this extreme precision consistently?

We started with solid design backed by extensive experience. We are seasoned by the demands of parts whose tolerances are measured in microns. (A micron is a millionth of a meter.) Making precision bullet jackets isn't the only precision component we've made (or make).

Our tooling is manufactured by our in-house shop. Our equipment is ideally suited to precision manufacturing.

Philosophically, our manufacturing practice is singularly focused on zero defects. We indulge in generous amounts of tool and press maintenance. And, most importantly, our production and engineering people are committed to your success.

We know that you want consistent wall thickness, pinch trim, concentricity, etc. We know you will measure our jackets and bullets.

You can trust that we are inspecting our work more critically than you. We can "see" more than the typical shooter by using a variety of measuring tools, including extremely accurate coordinate measuring machines (costing hundreds of thousands of dollars). Think of our inspection equipment as being in the "Ultimate" class for quality assurance.

For our jackets, bench-top gauges just won't do. A dial gauge has more error in every measurement than the typical variation of our jackets.

Jackets Don't Win Make Winning Shots, You Do

The bullet jacket is but one of many variables that shooters rely upon for the money shot. We understand.

Whether the jacket is good enough, or different from the last jacket, shouldn't be your worry. You have other more important decisions to make that perfect bullet, and that perfect shot.

Using Hines Tactical jackets eliminates one critical variable so bullet makers and shooters can focus on everything else as they pursue their winning shots.

Where to Buy

Contact these excellent resellers and/or bullet builders for Hines Tactical rifle jackets:

Bart's Bullets
Bart Sauter
821 Phelps Johnson Road, Leitchfield, Kentucky 42754 USA
+1 (270) 879-4279 link to external site

Dave Gaboury or Chris Harris
1102 Page Drive South, Fargo ND 58103 USA
+1 (701) 371-4444 link to external site

Jeff Pinehart
849 Little Britain Rd N, Quarryville, PA 17566 USA
+1 (717) 786-8321